Best destinations for the young tourists in Norway

Norway is often called the most beautiful country in Europe, or sometimes even the whole world, it is a matter of a debate if it is true or not, however, one thing is a fact – It is an ultimate destination for the travellers. Being as beautiful as Norway is, it is often seen to be the best destination for nature lovers, travel bloggers, and photographs that can capture just every moment and every landscape of the country. Breathtaking sceneries, fortresses, aurora borealis or so-called northern lights, beautiful lakes found in the magnificent mountains, characteristic architecture, everything in Norway is set up to make your mind calm and your Instagram profile shine even more. Moreover, in 2017 Norway was named as the happiest country on earth, and while traveling there you can experience it yourself.

But we need to make it clear that this place is definitely not great for active vacation lovers who enjoy big parties, overwhelming activities or casual night outs in fancy casinos. In fact, there is only one Casino in Oslo, other than that, visitors of the city or the citizens usually enjoy Norwegian mobile casinos instead. Norway is also not very famous for its active nightlife, but instead of having Las-Vegas-like nights there, you can enjoy peaceful nights under the northern lights. However, the beautiful landscape is not the only thing that Norway can offer you. There is so much more to do there for all kinds of travelers and people around the world. Here are just fractions of the destination and activities you can enjoy while in Norway. Let’s take a look.

Lofoten Islands
It is one of the most picturesque places in Norway. While many consider Norway to be the best place to go for the elderly people who have managed to save a lot of money before their retirement, Lofoten Islands is one of the best places for the young tourists. This is why this place has an increased number of young tourists every year. If you do not like going to the touristic places, Lofoten Islands will change your mind. In fact, it is great to have a lot of young tourists there since this is a perfect place for adventures and outside activities.  You can enjoy climbing, hiking, fishing, skiing, kayaking, cycling, arctic surfing (both in the summer and winter) and many outdoor tours. It is the best place for photographers as well as adventure seekers.

Leaving a country without seeing its capital city would be a huge mistake, especially when we are talking about Oslo. If you are used to the huge capital cities, such as London, you will need to prepare yourself for some cultural shock. Oslo is nowhere to the big capitals with its daily activities and noise. Just like the whole of Norway, Oslo promises wonderful and calm sightseeings.

There is a lot to see for those who enjoy calm vacations full of the historical, art and otherwise beautiful destinations. The list of the destinations in Oslo includes the heart and the soul of the city Aker Brygge which is built around the old shipyard and catches the eye and the heart of the visitors with its stunning architecture. City hall, Oslo Cathedral, Akershus fortress, and royal palace are the ultimate destination for the lovers of architecture and history. It is a heaven for the people who always have a museum or two in their two do lists when they go to the new destination. In Oslo, you can have 7 museums in this list Viking ship museum, the national museum, Munch museum, the museum of cultural history, Fram Museum, Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Museum, and the Natural History Museum with the botanical gardens.

Tusenfryd Amusement Park
If you happen to be in Norway with your family, or you simply want to have some more fun after viewing so many beautiful and interesting places make sure to visit Tusendfryd Amusement park. It is one of the most famous amusement parks in the whole world and for a good reason. You can enjoy over 30 attractions such as ThunderCoaster, SpaceShot, SpeedMonster and many more. If you are lucky to be there during the summertime, you can also enjoy BadeFryd there, which is a water park with a river for swimming, a pool, and water slides. It will definitely be a nice touch to your vacation in Norway.

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