Barnum Review – Events in Sheffield

Barnum Review

Review of Barnum at the Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield.

Cameron Mackintosh and Michael Harrison present the national tour of the smash musical, Barnum. Set in 1835 through to 1880, the performance focuses on the life and career of Phineas Taylor Barnum, a great American showman, who dedicated his existence to the circus and the spectacles within. Featuring the exuberant Brian Conley as Barnum, this fantastically colourful show is a must-see.

Through song and dance, the events of Barnum’s life are chronologically performed, including the discovery and presentation of 161 year old woman Joice Heth, and the acquisition of star attraction, Tom Thumb, the smallest man in the world. Each musical number is accompanied by the choreography of Andrew Wright, flawlessly executed by a wonderfully talented ensemble. And there’s more than just dancing – look out for the imaginative set created by Scott Pask, and the appearance of aerial hoops and silks. After all, this is the circus!

Described as ‘big, sharp, witty, breath-taking [and] emotional’, Barnum is most certainly not a ‘humbug’ performance, but a backflippingly brilliant musical production.

Eve Moore.

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