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Digital culture festival to take over Castleton

The small Peak District town of Castleton will see a shakeup in September as a travelling festival of digital culture, art and film sets up camp for four days of installations and events. 

From the 21st to 24th of September the biennial Abandon Normal Devices Festival (AND for short) will take over the town as well as the surrounding peaks and caves to create some dramatic and interactive art pieces. One installation, titled “Waterlicht”, plans to use LED technology, smoke and lenses to flood the The Winnats Pass valley with light to “reveal the geological and glacial histories of the valley”. Another, “My Wall is Your Filter Bubble”, will virtually fence off a part of Castleton using augmented reality to comment on segregation within digital spaces.

You can expect performances within caverns, public workshops involving metal detectors (and metal music) and a programme of film screenings centered on the theme of the earth’s layers and our fear of the underground.

Much of the festival will be free but some events will be ticketed, find out more on their site –

Feature image: AND 2015

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