6 Worth-The-Money Subscription Boxes You Should Try Out

Subscription boxes are a great way to get a neat little package filled with goodies to treat yourself every month. They also make good gifts when you’re having trouble finding the right present for your family or friends. Most will be sent to you once every month, while others come periodically throughout the year. If you need some ideas for which ones to try out, here’s a list of 6 subscription boxes that are worth the money.

1.  Fandom Boxes

One of the most popular types of subscription boxes is one that caters to different fandoms. They contain all sorts of merchandise from your favorite movies, books, comics, and TV shows. You can get t-shirts, hats, pins, stickers, figurines, replica props, and more. Some even send you rare collectibles that you can’t get anywhere else. Every box is full of products related to whatever brand you love. There are plenty of items that’ll let you show off your devotion to your favorite fandom.

2.  Video Game Boxes

With how prevalent video games have become in today’s culture, subscription boxes dedicated to them is a hot-selling product. You can choose boxes themed around a single video game franchise or get ones that offer items from gaming in general. With every box, you’ll receive officially licensed merchandise from all your favorite games to make you feel like a real superfan. There is a variety available for games and franchises both old and new, so no matter what your favorite era of gaming, you’ll find one that appeals to you.

3.  Wine and Spirits Boxes

These are perfect for any wine connoisseur or liquor aficionado out there. Each month, you’ll get a new type of alcohol to sip and enjoy. Some even specialize in alcohol from particular regions, like Bourbon from Kentucky or Scotch from the United Kingdom. When you order a box subscription UK, you’ll be able to feel like you’re on a pub crawl across the world without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. You can save them for yourself or share them with friends, letting everyone get a sample of spirits from far and wide. If wine is more your thing, you can get boxes that focus on just reds or whites, bottles from specialty winemakers, or a mix of everything.

4.  Murder Mystery Boxes

Murder mystery boxes are compelling because they don’t just send you items—they send you an experience. Every time you receive a new one, you’ll get a box containing a murder case that you have to solve. Included are police and autopsy reports, interviews with witnesses, pieces of important evidence, and other things that will help you find the killer. These can be great fun, whether you’re playing alone or collaborating with others to crack the case. You’ll feel like a real detective when you’ve got a murder mystery box.

5.  Sweets and Treats Boxes

Subscription boxes that send you all manner of sweets and treats will let you sate your taste buds with all kinds of chocolate, candy, and other snacks. Delve into a satisfying world of new and interesting flavors or gorge yourself on your old favorites. There are boxes that give you a combination of different types of goodies, while others provide various items from a single brand. Lovers of chocolate can indulge in candy with milk, dark, or white varieties, while donut fanatics can get boxes with exciting new assortments each month.

6.  Beauty and Cosmetics Boxes

With how often you need to buy new beauty and cosmetic products, having a subscription box to constantly mail you new ones is a good time saver. You could receive makeup, grooming products, shower gels, shaving kits, and plenty of other useful items. And don’t worry if you end up with a shade of lipstick or a skin cream scent you’re not crazy about—you’ll be getting more options again soon enough. These are a great item to gift someone since just about everyone uses some form of beauty or cosmetics products, and they’re always going to need more when they run out.

The wonderful thing about subscription boxes is that you feel like you’re getting a fun new present each time they arrive. You’ll get to relive the excitement of opening a gift and have plenty of goodies to display or keep you occupied. People will be begging to know how you’ve always got such cool new items to enjoy. If you’re thinking about getting a subscription box, remember these 6 types that are worth the money you spend.

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