5 things you only know if… you’re a pub landlord

Conor Smith from your friendly local Irish boozer The Dog & Partridge talks us through the trials and tribulations of landlord life.

Photo: Ross Jarman

1. There is sod all iron in that well-known stout from Dublin
Sorry, but there isn’t. We’re talking about 0.3mg per pint. You’d have to drink a huge amount to reach the recommended amount of iron daily. Lads, that’d be 29 pints a day; ladies, 49 pints. It’s possible that might be more than is good for you!

2. It’s a chameleon life!
How to be all things to all people, eh? One minute you’re a shoulder to cry on, the next a passport witness, followed swiftly by a party planner, a beer encyclopaedia, a financial adviser(!), a relationship counsellor and, of course, a dispenser of delicious, refreshing booze.

3. It’s a vocation not a job
If you’re think we’re in it for the money, you haven’t been paying attention! To sum it up, we do it because we love seeing people enjoying themselves and making memories.

4. Whiskey is good for you (kinda)
It’s basically concentrated beer, so all the good stuff without the extra water! Sort of. Mark Twain said it best when he said: “An Irishman’s stomach is lined with copper, and the beer corrodes it. But whiskey polishes the copper and is the saving of him.” That said, always enjoy safely and responsibly; it needs to be respected as well as relished.

5. Publicans drink tea too
You better believe it. We occasionally have to let some blood get in our veins, so it’s not just a beer stream.

You can catch Conor pulling a mighty fine pint of Guinness (amongst plenty of good real ale and craft options) at The Dog, which also knocks out lovely homemade scran and boasts one of the finest snugs in the Steel City. Be sure to pay them a visit at 56 Trippet Lane, S1 4EL.


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