Rey Mysterio

5 Star Wrestling @ Sheffield Arena

Leather Boots, Baby Oil and Bodyslams – just another Thursday night in South Yorkshire…

5 Star Wrestling brings its own carnival of carnage tonight, leading with big name draws, yet showcasing a plethora of UK talent.

We kick things off with Zack Sabre Jr vs Iron Man Joe Coffey.  It’s a decent opener that sees some nice spots, such as Coffey’s giant swing; a classic showcase of strength. Against the grain of classic wrestling booking, the “babyface” star goes over and it’s Coffey that gains the win, proving that tonight is about keeping the fans on their toes.

A fast paced tag match soon follows and keeps momentum going nicely. Martin Kirby and Lou King Sharp defeat Kid Fite and Timm Wylie in a well-balanced match with some nice comedic moments.

The dream match of AJ Styles vs Rey Mysterio then followed.

This first time meeting could have gone longer. The match saw some classic spots between the two, and you could feel how grateful the fans were to not only see such a dream match, but for it to take place for the first time in Sheffield. Mysterio hit the 619 , then the “heel” Styles used the ref to block the offence from Rey. Styles then caught Rey mid-air and won via the Styles Clash. Both men shook hands at end, giving the fans the ultimate feel good moment.

The second half saw a great 3 way match between Jay Havok vs Mary Scurl vs Will Ospray. His gimmick isn’t clear but Ospray is amazing to watch anyway. All three never missed a beat and Ospray created some great areal offence and picked up the win in a super kick filled match.

UK cult hero Grado and Colt Cabana vs the massive Big Damo and Magnus was up next. This was a great match, containing seasoned and new international wrestlers. It saw some hilarious spots from the team of Grado and Cabana, proving that they are a dream pairing with a lot to offer.

The main event for 5 Star title saw champ John Morrison vs Carlito. Earlier on in their trash talking promo, Carlito joked that he is still using his WWE gimmick 8 years after his run with the company. Slightly stale ex WWE characters aside, we saw a strong effort from the pair with lots of crowd interaction and good outside ring work before Morrison hit the Starship Pain for the win.

Overall, tonight was fun and saw huge stars intermingled with home grown talent and everybody got to shine. 5 Star may benefit from packing out a smaller venue in future to retain the atmosphere however, the professional production, strong mix of talent and a never before seen dream match proved it’s a great time for British wrestling.

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