‘SICK’ to be performed at Sheffield Theatre Deli

Shey Hargreaves’ witty one-woman show, ‘SICK’, is coming to Sheffield Theatre Deli on March 20th.

‘SICK’ is a bittersweet comedy which centres around the impact four years of budget cuts has had on the NHS. Primarily focusing on the effect this has had on patients, their significant others and the staff who care for them. Having worked as a receptionist in A&E during the tumultuous time, Shey is able to provide a unique insight into everyday occurrences in the unit.

The show also contains a glimpse into Shey’s personal life. This backstory supplies a carefully crafted coming-out story, which follows Shey meeting her wife and transitioning into a parent.

The social commentary at times is both harrowing and vulnerable. However, through Hargreaves’ warm narrative and well-timed jokes, the show remains a charming comedy.

Shey said, ‘During my years working on an emergency ward I saw the impact of government changes in health policy and what that meant for staff, patients and the NHS. When I left I decided to write about it, bringing issues down to individual true stories that help us understand what’s happening on a bigger scale. At the same time I wanted the show to be funny and entertaining as that actually helps get the serious point over. I don’t consider I’ve done my job unless people have had a Right Good Time’.

‘SICK’ will be performed at the Sheffield Theatre Deli on March 20th. For more information and tickets visit:
Twitter: @sickshownhs

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