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Review: Tom Lawrinson @ The Leadmill

Words: Laura Mills 

As Tom Lawrinson himself put it, “If you like big laughs, mad jokes and a positive atmosphere” – then this is the show for you!

The Steel City show at Leadmill kicks off with a sea of people rushing to find their seats awaiting a night of rip-roaring banter from some of the finest comedy geniuses in the North West.

When the lights lower, all eyes are on the stage as Tom Lawrinson voices booms out of the speakers imploring us to get ready for the show.

His voice booms out again, this time to introduce tonight’s support act, Ben Silver. Ben graces the stage to a proper Yorkshire welcome as the crowd clap and cheer with all their might.

Ben enters the stage and gets the crowd going instantly with his confidence and stage presence. As we move through his set, the crowd lap up every joke from drug-based banter, terrible impressions and bizarre dating stories.

After the crowd roars with laughter, following a massive round of applause Ben exits the stage signalling that it’s time for a break and refreshment.

Back to the set, Tom Lawrinson enters the stage appearing timid as he moves over to the corner depicting a shy personality.

He addresses the crowd who lap up his every word with a cheer and starts the real conversation we should all be addressing right now: Meal Deals.

After criticising the front row’s meal deals there’s more laughter to come as Tom speaks on buskers, Phillip Schofield, Willy Wonka and most of all, Harry Potter.

He knows Harry Potter like the back of his hand but knows how to deliver a joke on it even better: accurate, funny and extremely witty.

His interactions with the crowd are great; he gets many genuine laughs but there’s definitely a sense of nervousness that we don’t see on his TikTok sketches which slightly appears on stage, diminishing his confidence to an extent.

Overall, I have to say it was a brilliant performance from both and a great night of laughter and jokes from two stars rising in the comedy game with a bright future ahead.


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