Review: Pete Firman – TriX

Star of BBC1’s The Magicians, Pete Firman hit the road this year with his newest show TriX, last month making an appearance at The Leadmill for a fun-filled evening of laughter and wizardry.

The man from Middlesbrough has the entire room chuckling at his continuous innuendos and puns, all whilst defying the laws of nature right in front of our eyes. Pete interacted with the audience frequently, the fact that Leadmill is quite small in terms of stand-up venues made the performance all the more intimate, and willing volunteers were eager to get involved in the tricks, even if it potentially meant losing some limbs!

A fair few tricks in his routine were not entirely original but it’s his old-style charm and wit that kept the audience fixated on his every move.  He made basic card tricks more interesting through his sense of humour and we were all left gobsmacked by the end of the night conjuring up theories of our own.

His trademark blend of crowd-pleasing comedy and jaw-dropping magic made it a night to remember – most comedy magicians tend to focus on one skill more than the other: Pete Firman’s greatest trick of all is that he is outstanding at both.

Kerre Chen

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