Review of Michael Palin’s Travelling To Work

Review of Michael Palin’s Travelling To Work at Sheffield Crucible.

Michael Palin has been touring the UK this month to mark the publication of his most recent book, Travelling to Work, and as one of this city’s most celebrated sons it made sense that the last date of the tour was at the Crucible. He’s well known for both his work with Monty Python and his travel programmes, so this show was split into two halves: the first focusing on travel and the second on comedy. He joked that the first half would essentially be a series of holiday snaps, but each image that flashed up on the big screen had a hilarious or poignant story attached to it; his memory was impressive and his historical knowledge added a deep context to each exotic snap. The second half had more laughs, as Palin took us on his comedic journey from growing up in Sheffield and attending Birkdale (where he picked up many of his stock comedy characters) to joining Monty Python and going on to act in award-winning films like A Fish Called Wanda. This was a simple one man show but Palin’s decades in the business really showed as he kept the audience in fits of giggles throughout the two and a half hours.

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