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Review: The Little Last Laugh @ The Lescar

We checked out Tom Wriggleworth, Damien Ryan, Katie Mulgrew and Barry Dodds at the Little Last Laugh at The Lescar.

There’s a heckler called Gaz at tonight’s Little Last Laugh, and he’s a right wanker.

His interruptions are aggressive, often and, worse than both those things, unfunny.

Fortunately, headliner Tom Wrigglesworth – Sheffield lad, multiple award winner, voice of the platypus on the First Direct advert – is more than adept at dealing with such clowns.

“I need to tell you,” he says after one interruption, “I only wrote this script for one. I’ll take it from here if that’s alright with you?”

Cheers from the crowd. Silence from Gaz. And a fitting summation of Tom’s talents: quick, sharp, understatedly wonderful.

His riffs tonight, on everything from train ticket inspectors to the troubles of home printing, from London (“have you heard of it?”) to driving awareness courses, are equal parts surreal, equal parts hilarious.

Before him, it’s more of a mixed bag. Katie Mulgrew – the daughter of ’70s comedian Jimmy Cricket – is warm and likable but with some of her skits, like the one where a posh friend loses control of her bowls while giving birth, you don’t just see the punchline coming, they feel like they phone ahead from last week.

Damien Ryan is a curmudgeon with a guitar, and brilliant for it. “She told me she was a self-righteous, annoying, self-obsessed know-it-all,” he says during one sketch. “Actually, those weren’t her exact words. She just said she was a vegetarian but it’s the same thing, isn’t it?”

Compere Barry Dodds, meanwhile, holds the whole thing together with North East cheek and mockery.

All in all, a good night – once Gaz piped down.


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