Jeff Innocent

Jeff Innocent Review

Exposed popped down to the Leadmill Comedy Club to catch Jeff Innocent live.

You would probably think a 60 year old man, standing on stage and talking about vaginas, drugs and Jimmy Saville would NOT be a good mix. Wrong. As soon as Jeff Innocent takes to the mic, he immediately begins the self-deprecating remarks. Pointing out “it looks like an old drunk guy has just got pissed and thought… I’ll have a go of that!” to suggesting he looks like a Jewish Bruce Willis. Every one of his throwaway away comments like this gets planted into the mind of the audience and grows funnier as the show continues; (plus he does look like a bit like Jewish Bruce Willis!)

Even though he was admittedly prepared for a more student audience, Jeff rolled with the evening and delivered some of the most authentic insights into everything from bouncers, racism and even his ongoing casual drug use. His set is delivered through a “cockney geezer” persona, yet its material consists of sheer honesty, intellectual insights and perfect timing that has The Leadmill spitting drinks and shedding tears of laughter.

He brings his set to a crescendo with his crudest material. Although no spring chicken, his brand of taboo humour never feels awkward or forced, just brilliant; something not a lot of younger comedians can say. Jeff Innocent proves tonight that he is a well-polished act and he is well worthy of a much bigger stage next time he is in town.

Lewis Budden

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