“I am trying to make queer comedy for everybody” – Morgan Rees on his inaugural UK tour

Ahead of his upcoming performance at The Leadmill for the Sheffield instalment of his first ever UK tour, we caught five with award-winning online sensation Morgan Rees to find out what drives his comedy and what audiences can expect from ‘Turning Thirsty’… 

Who or what do you take inspiration from for your comedy?
The person that inspires me always changes; it’s always been the last person that’s made me belly laugh or think “I wish I thought of that”.

The LGBTQIA+ community is at the centre of a lot of your comedy. In what way are you hoping the show will open up conversations about sexuality within your predominantly straight audiences?
That sexuality is about love and attraction, not just sex. Granted I speak about it a fair bit, write what you know. But I am trying to make queer comedy for everybody. Like Nick Offerman said about his playing a queer character with an emotional storyline in the Last Of Us, “It’s not a gay story, it’s a love story”. Everything has a human element; I am trying to find a way to make it more palatable and understandable for straight audiences.

Morgan Rees

“Sheffield was the city that I had my first paid 20 min club set, so it feels very full circle.”

What other topics do you explore in your comedy and why?
Me. That’s all really. I don’t talk about hot button topics for two reasons. Firstly, I acknowledge that I have a platform, both physically and virtually, and my voice is amplified. Do I want to be adding to the discussion when I am not an expert or confident that I have all the facts? No. And secondly, I am so passionately and viscerally angry about a lot of injustices all around us that I won’t be funny. That’s why I have gone with Me, Me, Me.

What are you hoping to achieve with this tour?
Okay, this is me practicing manifesting. I want audiences to sell out every date, my Skoda Fabia needs some incentive to be running the lengths of all these motorways.  I’m hoping for someone to buy the special when we tape it. I’m tired of spending 8 hours on a Friday and Saturday driving to Bournemouth and back. And I’m hoping to get in shape ready for my holiday in Barcelona throughout the tour.

Morgan Rees

“I’m excited for the space especially because I have only heard good things.”

You’re using BSL interpreters at a few of your shows, including Sheffield. How important is that live comedy is made more accessible?
Yes, I’m a massive advocate for that. Going to comedy is my favourite event. Moreover, I had a colleague who had a family member with hearing challenges, and I witnessed how beneficial it was when their additional need was accommodated for. So, I wanted to do that for them.

What excites you most about performing at The Leadmill?
I’m excited for the space especially because I have only heard good things. Bringing my support act, Jack McClean, who is a local lad, so I am sure we can weave some magic that way. And Sheffield was the city that I had my first paid 20 min club set, so it feels very full circle.

Catch Morgan Rees on his ’Turning Thirsty’ UK tour, including a date at The Leadmill in Sheffield on 8th May. For more info and tickets please visit

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