Young Legionnaire: Crisis Works

The Basics
It seems the best equations in music happen when you’re going downhill. Ex Yourcodenameis:milo frontman Paul Mullen joined the Automatic and Bloc Party’s Gordon Moakes faced the split up of Bloc Party but that didn’t dishearten them both.
The Verdict
Formed when Moakes first appeared on 2006’s YCNI:M side project Print is Dead, ‘Crisis Works’ sees Moakes and Mullen colliding together in  apocalyptic fashion, igniting into a spark of soaring… And You Know Us By The Trail of Dead gritty rhythms, Mullen’s voice swimmingly escalating in almost the same pure serenity as Brian Molko before screaming: “And this is where I fall” in ‘A Hole in the World with an antagonising coarse imperfection.
Really the verse of aforementioned song is one of the minor moments when such glossiness weaves in a smooth motion. Opener “Twin Victory” is a full throttle assault of behemoth guitars that shatter into schizophrenia of warping guitars, Mullen disfiguring himself alongside of it.
Of course, there’s no forgetting Moakes. In “Black Lions”, his bass malignantly trudges along as it slowly builds a seething tension, almost threateningly waiting for you to make the first move as it beats in its primitive limbo whilst “Chapter,Verse” glimmers with a dirty Nine Inch Nails industrial sheen.
Finally “Future’s Finished” is pessimistic anthem from the nature of its title. Mullen wails along the increasing cacophony of voices isolating him but the guitars chime with a surging optimism. Maybe Moakes and Mullen needed such previous downfalls because crisis works, in this case anyway.


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