Yellow Arch Studios: The First Fully Licensed Recording Studio

The first fully-licensed recording studio in the UK is set to open in Sheffield.


Yellow Arch Studio’s music venue on Burton Road, in Neepsend, has already secured 65 bookings and opens in February. The venue will be both a recording studio and gig venue, which will house 500 music goers, making it the only venue in the city with a 500 capacity since The Boardwalk closed. The venue will have three rooms, kitted out with quirky and exotic decoration.


Andy Cook, who co-owns the new studio and gig venue with Colin Elliot, said: “We should have opened the venue by now but we took an ‘all or nothing’ attitude and opted for the ‘all’ so it’s taken longer than we anticipated. If you’re going to do something, you have to do it properly.”


The addition of a bar will also mean that the studio is the first fully-licensed recording centre in the country.


“We did get some funding from the Government, although it’s mainly been built with our own money. The whole thing has created five jobs as we’ll be trading 16 to 20 hours a day,” said Andy.


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