Yarnbombing in Rotherham

Rotherham shoppers woke up to a surprise on Monday morning – to see that one of their shopping arcades had been covered with thousands of neon wool tassels.

It’s called Yarnbombing – and it’s a craze hitting everywhere from Yorkshire to Slovenia. Involving decorating urban spaces with colourful knitted yarn, often during the night so as to surprise residents come the morning, Rotherham’s Imperial Building was the latest place to get a treatment of possibly the world’s nicest type of graffiti.

International artist Kerry Howarth from the Yarnbomb Consortium and Gemma Nermer, who owns vintage arts and crafts emporium The Button Tin in the Imperial Building, worked throughout the night to create a stunning array of multi-coloured yarns which were hung around the building, much to the bemusement of early morning shoppers.

Gemma Nermer described working with Kerry as an ‘amazing opportunity’. Her Yarnbomb Consortium Facebook page now boasts over 21,000 followers worldwide and Kerry’s work is exhibited all over the UK and abroad. The Button Tin is also taking off big time, with Gemma receiving visitors from all over the country to take part in her 1950s-style art classes, and she also provides vintage wedding bouquets.

Visit www.facebook.com/theyarnbombingconsiortium for more information and how to get involved!

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