X-Men: First Class

A few knowledgeable geeks out there may recall that back in the day, after Layer Cake, Vaughn was signed on to direct X-Men 3 (which explains Vinnie Jones' presence), and whilst he left that project, he at least gave us last year’s awesome Kick-Ass, which in turn probably showed what good he could do with a superhero movie. Thus, X-men: First Class.
Set against the backdrop of the Cuban missile crisis of the sixties, this focuses on the relationship between a follically-blessed, pre-wheels Charles Xavier, and a vengeful, anger-filled pre-Magneto, Erik Lensherr, and how their respective groups came into being.
It's also nice to see Kevin Bacon given a role he can get his teeth into, and he's a perfect villain as the nefarious Sebastian Shaw, whose Hellfire Club is responsible for the whole bloody row in the first place.
Doubtless this may take a few liberties with the source material, but there can be no denying that Vaughn has crafted one of the finest superhero movies ever, one that can stand proudly alongside the likes.of The Dark Knight or Iron Man. First Class is as First Class does, and it’s nothing short of X-cellent.

In it
James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon

Behind it
Matthew Vaughn


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