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If, like us, you live on a healthy balanced diet of tea and pick ‘n’ mix, you might be wondering how you’re ever going to get yourself in tip top shape.
Well wonder no more fine reader- there is a solution! It takes the form of Bodyflo Fitness and Combat Centre, Sheffield’s newest gym, which opens in Hillsborough on the 25th February… And you guys will be able to pop along for free taster sessions of all the classes on offer! (**celebrates**)
The gym owner is Daniel Hudson, a former Muay Thai (that’s Thai Boxing, to us simpletons) world champion, and today he and Paul Morton – another one of Bodyflo’s trainers – put our very own woman of steel (Roxy) through her paces.
Dan starts by showing us how a true expert teaches Muay Thai, taking us up to the ring in one of Bodyflo’s three well-sized training rooms. A quick skip and warm up later, and our Rox is dancing around the ring looking a bit like Bambi on ice to be honest – she gets better though! Dan acquaints her with the basics of good stance and guard, before helping her get her eye in with a few practise jabs and kicks. Then the pads are on and she’s throwing a few punches at the world champion, and to be honest, not looking like a lass to be messed with as she aims her knees at Dan’s stomach. Paul explains to me that Muay Thai is like mixed martial arts – essentially like cage fighting with submissions – and watching Roxy and Dan grapple with gloves off, it certainly doesn’t look like a sport for the faint hearted.

So, that in mind, what if you’re more interested in fitness element of the fitness and combat centre? Well, there’s plenty for you too, as Paul takes our surprisingly fresh-faced Roxy downstairs for a session doing Kettle Bell Swings. The exercise, which – as the name suggests – involves swinging the weight back and forth whilst doing squat thrusts, is a good all-rounder, working your legs, shoulders and abs. Then, it’s on to the ropes; I’ll confess that none of us had seen this exercise before visiting Bodyflo, but it is an idiosyncratic method of training your core by gripping two ropes that are attached to the wall horizontally at one end, and then well… wiggling them! Roxy will attest that that is a heck of a lot more difficult than it sounds.
We’re then off to the Strength and Conditioning suite, where an impressive array of weights and other conditioning equipment greats us. Roxy tries her hand at some Olympic Lifts before we finally decide we should probably have mercy on her now before she drops! All in all, the Bodyflo facilities are massively impressive, with an experienced and friendly set of instructors. What’s more, the variety of reasonably priced membership packages mean you can get fighting fit without having to wrestle with your bank manager.  It’s a massive venue as well – all it needs now is filling; over to you, Sheffield.

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