Wot Gorilla? – Kebnekaise

The Basics
Wot Gorrilla? are a four piece ‘math pop and progressive rock’ outfit hailing from Halifax. Offering up a debut album full of complex song structures and off beat time structures, it is no surprise they have had great success at Reading and Leeds fest, as well as having to up their band camp download limit numerous times due to overwhelming demand. The album is produced by one James Kenosha, famed for working his magic on Pulled Apart by Horses.
The Verdict
Comprising of intricate tweaking guitars that morph into thundering rock riffs, Kebnekaise certainly makes for an interesting listen.  Singer Mat Haigh’s vocals soar with an ethereal quality over the harder moments on the album, while the melodies drive through the picking guitars. However, if Alt-J are the kings of math rock, Wot Gorilla? might be the court jester . Dare I say it, the album is a little samey, and it lacks depth. The moments of break down when the guitars roar and the vocals scream are actually a relief from the mathy sounds so prominent throughout. While the complex time signatures may be innovative, they can, at times, be a little jarring. On a brighter note, the artwork for the album is ace and I imagine that live, the album makes for a compelling stage show. 6/10 AC

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