Wonder Women

In 1940, the Sheffield blitz took a fair old chunk out of our fair old Steel City, not to mention heaping a whole load of misery on its residents – none more so than the thousands of Sheffield women left to keep the furnaces blazing.
When the men of Sheffield were called up to serve their country in the Second World War, it fell to the women to keep the steel mills running throughout the conflict. These heroic women juggled family life with the demands of the industry in order to keep their men in bullets and tanks.
Now, over 60 years later, and after endless campaigning, the ‘Women of Steel’ have received the recognition they deserve, and recently celebrated the fact with the VIP screening of a once forgotten film documenting the struggles and achievements of these ladies at Atkinson’s restaurant on The Moor.
You can pick up your own copy from The Star Shop on York Street for £12.95. Head to www.acmretro.com for more. 

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