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It’s that time of year again when students in Sheffield start looking to decide where to live next year. Thankfully, we’ve teamed up with leading Student Housing specialists The Pinnacles to provide some top tips on how to make the best decisions when picking who you live with and where you end up.

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To enter our competition, click here and read on for our accommodation advice.


Step 1 – Timing Is Important, Just Don’t Rush Into Things

Some say the earlier the better but that doesn’t mean you need to panic once November arrives. Remember, you are planning who you want to live with for a year, it isn’t an easy choice! If you hang on until later in the year then you might be able to negotiate a deal with a landlord struggling to find new tenants but remember, this could be a gamble…

Student housing tends to come with 3 to 5 bedrooms, if you are after anything bigger or smaller then you might be a little restricted so either start looking early or those in bigger groups might be best splitting up and find places on the same street/block.


Step 2 – Deciding Which Mates Will Be Housemates

This is toughie. You’ve just arrived in a new city, bonded over a couple of drinks and now you are planning to move in with them, but not for ten months. Friendships form and break over the course of the year so choosing wisely is key. A wise/essential thing to do before any contracts have been signed is to discuss ground-rules, the pettiest of things can cause the biggest of arguments. Cleaning rotas, splitting bills, having guests/partners staying over, all best off being sorted out beforehand. 


Step 3 – House, Home, Flat, Bedsit?

Sheffield has a wide choice of types of properties on offer, ranging from terraced housing to purpose built student accommodation with everything you need sorted for you. There’s something for everybody.


If you enjoyed, or are enjoying the halls experience then why not do it all over again? Both universities offer returners with places available across the city and there’s the chance to live with fellow returners or in a house with up to ten mates.


For those wanting the freedom that living in Halls lacked then house sharing is for you. It is limitless for options with accommodation available throughout the city from private landlords with the chance to live with your mates and split rent and bills.


If you haven’t found potential housemates then flat-sharing is for you. Bedrooms in the property are separately let to individual students with shared use of the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, each student is responsible for their own rent and joint responsibility for the utility bills.

Self-contained flats/studios

The self-contained flats/studios aren’t the cheapest option but it is extremely popular form of housing for both single and student families/couples. These are in short supply so get your skates on if these take your fancy!


If you like your own space then bedsits are ideal. Each unit usually consists of a private bedroom with a kitchen area and a shared bathroom, perfect for those who crave independence.


Short of cash or don’t fancy ruining friendships falling out over spilt milk then moving in to a home might be a good option. You’ll share living space and your stay may be negotiable but the negative is that the landlord could evict you on their own terms as contracts tend to be verbal agreements.


Generally provided by local families and is similar to accommodation with a resident owner but includes the provision of meals.


The Pinnacles

Pinnacles offer student community living for those who like to live stylishly. Their en-suite bedrooms are large, the living quarters are open-planned and kited out with fancy TVs, super quick internet which you can enjoy whilst relaxing on the comfy sofas. It is stress free living too, if you are in despair as your microwave breaks down or you have no hot water there’s 24/7 onsite support to fix anything. They’ll be no squabbling over bills either as a weekly service charge is set covering all you bills.

1.       Who To Live With

If you are a first year and still unsure on who to live with then Pinnacles has that covered! You can move in as a group, on your own, if you make friends and want to move rooms they can try and sort you out. At Pinnacles they cater for all students, whatever year you are in.

2.       What Kind Of Property

Pinnacles offers a range of apartments to suit everybody’s needs. If you want to share with up to four mates you can but if you prefer to fly solo then they have that covered too! All the rooms are large with en-suite so no need to argue over who has the biggest room or hogging the shower in the morning!

3.       The Area

Sheffield is a nice and compact city, wherever you are you are never far from the action. Pinnacles is set just far enough from the buzz that you can cure those pesky hangovers but still within walking distance of the centre (or you can hop on a bus if you feeling lazy!). With it being a brand new complex the surroundings a student community is being created.

4.       Don’t Get Frost Bite In The Winter

Gas and leccy prices are on the up. Not for Pinnacles residents they aren’t! Your rent covers it all, you won’t need to wrap yourselves in blankets to keep warm so that you don’t rack up heating bills. Your internet is included too!


Don’t forget to click here to enter our competition – today’s prize is tapas for 2 and a bottle of wine at Cubana on Trippet Lane. And next Monday we’ll be drawing our winner who gets £300 of Meadowhall vouchers.




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