Wigs On Tour

Earlier this year Clair Flack, of Sheffield’s very own hairdressing emporium Wigs and Warpaint, was named as one of the three winners of American Crew’s prestigious Face Off 2012 competition – making her the recipient of a pretty sweet prize!
Alongside Roy Rogers of Milk in Edinburgh, and Matthew Gavin of Christian Wiles Hairdressing in Northampton, Claire jetted out to LA for an exclusive photo shoot late last month. Held in the famous Milk Studios the photo shoot included the chance to work with a top photographer and professional models. Claire summed up the buzz of the day saying ‘The Milk Studios were unreal – such a cool place. To have that level of production behind you helps make your work look the best it can look. I feel extremely privileged to have experienced that.’
Each winner got to create two looks, both of which were shot by top photographer and American Crew founder David Raccuglia. Winners then chose their favourite image to be touched up and added to their portfolios. Not too shabby, ‘ey?

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