Why Visit Castleford? What the Wakefield Town Can Offer

Located in West Yorkshire, as part of the borough of Wakefield, the town of Castleford is perhaps best known for its rugby league club, the Castleford Tigers. It’s also known for being the birthplace of esteemed crime writer Peter Robinson who wrote the Detective Inspector Banks novels and famous sculptor Henry Moore.

But there’s so much more to Castleford than that. The town is actually filled to the brim with fun locations and activities making Castleford well worth the visit. It’s only 40 miles from Sheffield by car on the M1, and you can even hop on the train to get there. But why would you want to do that in the first place?


While England is rarely cold enough to head to the slopes outdoors, the Snozone centre is the next best thing. It allows people to experience the thrill of extreme winter sports in an indoor area. Snozone isn’t just  for experienced ski or snowboard enthusiasts either as it also boasts lessons for total ski and snowboard beginners, which is great if you’re a curious person who is inspired by the Winter Olympics and are keen to get involved.

Buzz Bingo

For a less active but no less entertaining experience in Castleford, there’s the recently opened Buzz Bingo hall. This huge bingo centre offers paper and electronic bingo as well as electronic gaming and slot machines, offering a variety of ways for gamers to entertain themselves. The location also hosts live entertainment and offers food and beverages (including classics such as burgers and fish and chips) so you can catch a show and grab a bite while you’re there.


While our previous choice offers gaming fun for adults, FunStation can be a good gaming experience for the younger ones. As a family entertaincentreenter, all of the games that you’d expect are included, such as claw machines and air hockey, which you can play for bragging rights. It also boasts “high quality prizes” so you may go home with a few plush toys for your gaming efforts.

Castleford Bridge

If the aforementioned picks are a little too exuberant for you, then the Castleford Bridge may be more up your alley. Offering scenic views of the River Aire as well as the beautiful local wildlife that calls the bridge area home, visiting the bridge is a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy nature. Plus, when the weather’s nice, you’ll even get to take a few brilliant photos!

Castleford Forum Library and Museum

Because learning is fun, in its own way, the Castleford Forum Library and Museum is another must-see location on your visit to the town. It’s a great way to learn more about the history of this old town, dating back even to Roman times. It features an Iron Age chariot, information about the Bronze Age, and details about the town’s history in modern times, including info about the aforementioned Henry Moore.

Castleford may be known as a historic sporting town, but its perception is quickly growing into an entertaining, must-visit location. The Riverside development, which will see over 1,000 homes built (along with restaurants and cafes) will only help that to grow. Castleford has plenty to offer and people are finally starting to realise it.


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