Why playing online with live dealers offers the best casino experience

Online casinos are slowly eradicating the need to visit a brick-and-mortar casino for live gambling. During the early days of web-based casinos, players had to depend on proprietary gaming software for their gaming needs. These programs used (most of them still do) complex algorithms, AI, and Random Number Generators to generate the results, which may not be entirely preferred by purists. Therefore, it made more sense for a player to visit an actual casino to soak in the environment and be a witness to their fortunes change over the spin of a wheel or the deal of a hand without any external or AI-based interference.

However, with the numerous break-through in technologies that we have been witnessing over the past decade, online casinos have started employing live streaming technologies to offer instant table access to players from anywhere in the world. Nowadays, you can enjoy live dealer games through your computer, smartphone, or a tablet device, either from the comfort of your homes, during a commute, or while having a break at your favourite coffee shop.

Every player has his/her preferences while gambling online. Although some prefer the faster gameplay offered by a gambling software, some gamblers always prefer human interaction. Hence, here are some top reasons why you must choose a live dealer casino that provides the best of both worlds.

Chat with the Dealer
One of the most important attributes of a live casino is that you can interact with the live dealers or the pit bosses directly to address your queries or concerns. You can chat with the awesome live dealers when playing baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, or just about any other game that is on offer. Casino operators are very proactive in designing the most useful customer-centric interface that not only concentrates on the gaming aspects but also allows players to have the best time through the social element of gambling. Therefore, if you have always been missing the live interaction during your online gambling sessions, you should certainly take a look at the live dealer option at your online casino, as it can certainly lead to an eye-opening experience.

Lower Table Limits
Casinos have unusually higher table limits when compared to their web-based counterparts, with a single hand going for a minimum of $5 at some of the more popular land-based casinos. On the contrary, an online casino allows players to gamble from as low as $0.10, with live casinos offering the option to wager anywhere from $0.25 to $1 per hand or spin. Slots are even more inexpensive, as a few slots games allow players to spin the reel for as little as $0.01! Therefore, the lower table limits available through a live dealer game is undoubtedly far superior to any land-based casino table.

Enjoy Live Tables without the Crowd
How many times have you visited your local casino, only to find the tables packed with players with no room for more? There are no such issues with a live casino online, as you are almost guaranteed to find a spot at your favourite table. Online casinos are known to increase the number of games and live streaming options during peak hours or during times of high-volume gambling, which in turn help players to find a seat at even the hottest tables on the floor. Despite the rush, you can gamble away in peace, as you won’t be disturbed by the noise, inebriated players, or any other distractions that may cause you to lose your concentration.

What you do in an online casino stays only with you and the website, which means that you can enjoy complete privacy while gambling with a live dealer. Lack of privacy is one of the reasons why most players avoid a land-based casino, especially with the stigma associated with being known as a gambler. However, in a live online casino environment, you are free to indulge in any games and spend as many hours on a table as you wish, provided that you make responsible gambling decisions.

Try Out Your Lucky Strategies
We are all aware of the different casino rules that frown upon any strategy that aims to beat the house. From card counting to reverse engineering, casinos usually don’t prefer players taking the house down through any questionable means, regardless of their legality before the law. Using any kind of winning tactics on a web-based casino game is also bound to be pointless, as the algorithms and the AI will quickly learn about your betting pattern and generate extremely random results to wreck your strategy. Therefore, a live dealer casino table can prove to be your best bet in beating the house by honing your winning strategy, or it can at least provide you with an option to develop a decent plan that does not lose all of your money. Of course, companies may not allow you to use anything that can prove to be a disadvantage for the casino, but you can still use some great winning tactics in a low-stress environment without the risk of being humiliated in front of everybody.

Forget your Attire
Casinos are home to some of the well-dressed specimens in the human world, including gamblers, guests, live dealers, performers, and waiters/waitresses. Choosing a dress for a visit to your local casino can quickly turn into a nightmare, not to mention the cost of buying or renting a suit, but you can easily avoid the hassles by accessing a live dealer game through your favourite online casino operator. You can gamble in your casuals or even in your pyjamas, as the person or dealers at the other end of the screen couldn’t care less. Only you will be able to see the casinos and live dealers in action, but not the other way around. Therefore, you can get quite comfortable with your dress code, grab your favourite snacks, and gamble away to your heart’s content.

Live casinos have the allure to attract even the most die-hard local casino fan to an online environment, as you get to experience almost all the aspects of an actual table, with the added benefits of gambling through an online platform. Exclusive gambling-related resources such as also provide excellent tutorials and guides on enjoying the best online gaming experience. Therefore, one would be hard-pressed to make a trip to a brick-and-mortar casino, when one can easily enjoy the same environment through their smartphones or tablets.

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