What's The Beef? A Meaty Perfomance At The Harley

Feeling a bit peckish? You will be by the end of this article, we promise!
The folk at Twisted Burger Company have been working hard to produce a spanking new menu of burgers and sides to bring to party with The Harley. And guess what? You and all of your taste buds are invited!
Ever since the company took over the burger making operations in 2011, The Harley has attracted a devoted following of burger enthusiasts. This year, Twisted Burger have decided to take a walk on the wild side so the new menu will embody the late night, gin soaked rebelliousness of The Glossop Road bar.  In other words, the new food will be just as rock and roll as the live acts! – Twisted’s Brand Manager Charlotte Leaver told Exposed – “We have changed the burger concept behind Twisted Burger Company so our burgers better suit The Harley’s somewhat illicit vibe – they are gooey, unctuous, and quite naughty. The menu sees Twisted growing up a little bit – we make all our own sauces for instance – but retaining the sense of outrageousness our regulars love."
The titillating new menu launches on April 3rd and we at Exposed are positively drooling with anticipation of getting our hands wrapped around one of their famed buns (oo-er missus). New additions include the treble beef patty ‘GhostSpiced Killah’ with hot, hot sauce, jalapenos and ghost chili spice or if that’s not enough to induce a food coma then the ‘Supersize Me’ offers five (yes, five!) patties with bacon adorned in American cheese – Yeehaw indeed! 

Thursday April 4th sees a gig to to keep you burger heads bopping through the night. The Harley will present you with some live hip hop courtesy of Mercury Prize nominated artist TY. Burgers and Beats – it just doesn’t get much better!
But the burger that is getting all the excitement (and soon cholesterol) levels rising in Exposed Towers today is the anticipated debut from possibly the best named burger in the world; ‘Pigger Than Hip Hop’ – A patty formed purely from bacon, more specifically a double helping of bacon doused in Fireball BBQ sauce with Monterey Jack cheese and onion rings topped off with some lettuce (pause to regain breath and wipe sweat from brow) – this perfect hangover remedy comes lovingly packaged inside a glazed brioche bun…Now put your tongue back in!
Tempted? Well here’s the sesame seed on top of the bun for you. Between Monday 8 and Saturday 13  April all burgers will be 50% off, all day baby! You better believe it!
Furthermore be sure to follow/stalk Twisted Burger Company on Twitter &  Facebook  as they will be announcing new specials whilst taking your own suggestions to make your darkest burger fantasies come true, you dirty devils, you!  Discounts will also be offered out to fans and followers, burger consumption will never be easier!

Fancy a bite? Swing by The Harley and tuck in!
Food serving hours: Mon – Sat 12-9pm. Sun 12-6pm
For Twisted Burger Company media enquiries contact Charlie Leaver

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