What Would You Buy With £100 In Meadowhall?

Thanks to Mercury Taxis, we’re giving you the chance to win £100 to spend in Meadowhall. Just think of what you could buy in Meadowhall with £100…


£100 can buy you a miniature replica of Michael Schumacher’s 2012 Mercedes from the F1 store. You could get an indoor skydiving experience for two from Boots, unless you’re over 18 stone apparently. Or you could go to Greggs and buy 131 and a half sausage rolls. Where you’d store them all is a separate issue. You could always throw out some stuff you don’t need to make room, like bread and milk.


Fed up of not having hair like Gwyneth Paltrow? Head to Hot Hair for blonde “Gwyneth Paltrow” human hair extensions. Or visit House of Fraser and leave with an Armani Junior baby’s all-in-one and a cool £2 to spare. Meadowhall also has a Disney store and with £100 you can buy an Iron Man costume, a Thor costume and a Captain America costume, so you and two friends can pretend to be half of The Avengers. From Waterstones, you could buy 20 copies of Danny Dyer’s autobiography and then burn them in the car park.


So, what would you buy in Meadowhall with £100? For a chance to win, click here.

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