We've Heard It Through The Tramlines

2 months, 3 weeks, 2 days until the UK's best value music festival comes-a-knocking!
Not long to go ladies and gentlemen! Sat in the Exposed office we can almost smell the BBQs, can almost taste the sweet cider and if we close our eyes and listen intently we can hear the distant rumble of an epic selection of quality live music. Yes, Tramlines is on our minds and baby, we wouldn't have it any other way.
This year's 5th festival promises to be bigger and better than any other. Last year 150,000 people descended on The Steel City, turning our town centre in to a venue for one of the biggest summer part-ays in the UK.

The hardworking souls at Tramlines have raised the bar even higher this year with an estimated 700 artists joining in with the celebrations – playing across 70 music venues, including the infamous Devonshire Green stage, whose previous highlights include Echo & The Bunnymen, Example, Roots Manuva, Reverend & The Makers, Ollie Murs (deep breath) and many other illustrious artists.
It's no secret that this year will see the introduction of a small entrance fee (£6) per day for the main stages/venues, or you could sign up as a Tramliner and purchase a full weekend pass for £15. It's important to note, however that Tramlines still reigns as the best value music festival this side of the fence. The organisers have worked hard to ensure that a large chunk of the event shall still cost you precisely nowt. Reassured? Now let's pick up our dummies, jump back in our prams and start getting jolly excited about it all again! 
It's all a big piece of cake to do, just pop along to the Tramlines Website, click on the 'be a Tramliner' tab then jot down some details and hey presto! You've just signed up to the cheapest weekend of festival frivolity you're ever likely to enjoy!
Writing this has got the Tramlines butterflies floating around Exposed Towers, we're all off to sign up and dream of another memorable weekend in July. We'll see you on Devonshire Green, yeah? 


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