Wet Nuns' Molar Maul

It's not all sacrificing virgins and wet scenes… 
Wet Nuns’ last video was more cross-stitching than cross-inverting and the promo for brand new single ‘Broken Teeth’ – out today! – continues the arts and craft theme started by previous vid 'Why So Cold'. Featuring hand drawn work by graphic designer Nick Deakin of design duo Einstein on top of Zero Below Films' director Mark Bull’s bloody footage, it involved a solid month of Nick hand-scrawling two thousand frames of video. The result is a surreal, salty trip that somehow manages to capture the sweat-soaked ritual of a Wet Nuns gig. We spoke to an exhausted but triumphant Nick to find out more…
The aim of this conversation is to make you break down in tears.
It won’t take much.
How’d it start?
They gave me a month. At Christmas we met, they said they were gonna release in Feb, that they were shooting a video next week and that they wanted me to do something with it. They basically approached me to work with [Exposed In Session resident director] Mark Bull. We’d briefly done some animations for [Sheffield music-ey pub] The Great Gatsby and I’d done a few animated gifs (WARNING – contains cute cartoon nob) but this was a chance to do something a bit different, have a bit of an experiment.
Take us through the working process here.
The film was shot on 24 frames per second. We split it up into ten second sections and Mark sent each one split into frames as jpegs. Originally I drew on every single frame but we worked out that it would take me two months working every day for eight hours to finish it that way!  

You’re doing this under the Einstein name rather than Nick Deakin. Is that because the style is a bit of a switch for the normal Deakin look?
Yeah. Einstein [Deakin and other awesome Sheffield illustrator Lord Bunn] is a chance to do things that I don’t normally do and collaborate with other people.  With the Wet Nuns video they asked about my approach and I was like, ‘I want to scratch your eyes out!’ [Laughs] You know when people scratch out the eyes or faces of photos of people they hate? That was the original idea for the aesthetic and it did lend itself to working quickly. Inspiration-wise it was halfway between A-ha’s Take on Me and Dire Straits Money for Nothing. Every time I was drawing on Rob’s hands during the guitar work I was wary of not making it too pastel-crayoney!
Erm, are Rob and Leckie aware of these influences, Nick?
I did bring them up early on but I didn’t get much of a response. [laughs] 
Now there’s a few hidden messages aren’t there? Like a bit I found by freeze framing where Leckie tells Rob to eat dicks as they’re toasting a couple of cans of lager…
Yes indeed. There was a big temptation to put cocks everywhere but we didn’t want to restrict the video’s exposure so I had to hold back on that. But that was a part of the video where I wanted there to be a bit of a narrative actually – just a little bit of friendly abuse between the two which you can only see if you manage to pause it.
It’s basically like Love Actually. I love Leckie’s bendy drumsticks by the way.
Well again, the bendy drumsticks seem to want to turn into penises so I had to hold myself back. The bendier they get the funnier.
Wet Nuns Broken Teeth EP is available to buy on iTunes.

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