We're The Millers – Review


We’re the Millers


Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

Cast: Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Nick Offerman


Not a film about a bunch of flour makers, as the title may lead you to believe, We’re the Millers is the latest Hollywood comedy from the director of Dodgeball: An Underdog Story.


Needing some money in a hurry, David (Sudeikis) agrees to smuggle some drugs into the US from Mexico, his cunning plan is to avoid detection by pretending to be on a bland holiday. To help his cover he hires a stripper and two kids to act as his family. Quite predictably, things don’t go smoothly.


Well, it’s certainly better than The Internship, but then again watching paint dry while being attacked by giant hornets is more enjoyable than The Internship. The problem is the script can go from absolutely excellent to the epitome of boring very quickly and then back again. Instead of an intentional building of comedy when needed it’s entirely hit and miss with its laughs, sort of like giving a blind person an uzi and having them shoot at some clowns.


Sudeikis isn’t as annoying as he usually is, which is a big plus. Offerman is the person that saves this film from being direct to DVD, his uptight straight man shtick serving as a refreshing and hilarious change of pace from the rest of the film. Aniston phones it on from a continent away, she can’t even dance in an attractive way, which considering she’s playing a stripper…


There are worse out there, but there are also a lot better.


TI 6/10


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