We Like the Cut of Your Ghibli – Snappy Dialogue for June

Ah, konnichiwa! Just counting the change for our bus fair and a hop on the Ghibli bus (well, cat) for this month's Snappy Dialogue podcast with The Showroom.


We're journeying through a fantasy world of dust sprites, wood spirits and a great many other mythological Japanese wonders in honour of the 25th Anniversary of Studio Ghibli classics My Neighbour Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies.


Hayao Miyazaki and Iaso Takahata's animation studio has made an art of blending vast mythological themes with microsopic, personal stories and we've done our best to fit in with a chat about everything from pencil moustaches to death. For June's Snappy Dialogue podcast we're joined by Showroom Cinema's JP and Cinema Programmer (and Showcomotion Childrens Festival Director) Joan Parsons and we also chat about fried egg on toast. This may be a metaphor. 




My Neighbour Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies are at The Showroom now. Glibli's latest – From Up At Poppy Hill – has its UK premiere at The Showroom as part of Showcomotion on Friday 12th July. Tickets here.


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