Walking with Dinosaurs – The Exposed Review

20 years ago, Jurassic Park amazed a whole generation of cinema goers with the most realistic dinosaurs ever committed to screen. Children and adults, all of whom had long since harboured a fascination with these giant reptiles, finally saw their imaginations spring to life in front of their eyes.
Walking With Dinosaurs brings this same sense of wonder to a live stage, with life-sized dinosaurs so close you can almost touch them. Taking in the entirety of dinosaur history in only an hour and a half, the show is a mix of education and spectacle. All the childhood favourites are here – though I will not attempt to spell them – with some scenes being touching and funny, others dramatic and violent (though it is still very much a family show), but all enthralling. There are cute little baby dinosaurs, as well as the terrifying behemoths (of course there's a T-Rex, and of course he steals the show), but the young children we took along for the ride seemed unfazed by the fighting and biting, so swept up were they in the production.
The creatures themselves are an astonishing feat of engineering. The giant (puppets? robots? costumes?) dominate the arena, the sheer scale being impressive enough, even without the attention to detail which makes them appear so real. Children will be caught up in the magic, while adults will be trying to work out how on earth it all works! Regardless, each will be thoroughly entertained by one of the most impressive stage productions we have ever seen. Almost as good as Spielberg's effort.     
Review by Ali Bianchi

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