Vuvuvultures @ Great Gatsby 24th Nov

My favourite thing about Tramlines is when you see a band that you know you just have to see again. This summer, the ‘Don’t-miss-them-when-they-come-back’ award went to the Vuvuvultures.  They announced at very short notice that they were adding a date to their current tour and tonight squeezed in an appearance at the Great Gatsby.


They only played for 40 minutes (and I’m including the sound-check here) but every minute was glorious. Lead singer, Harmony Boucher is so totally captivating it’s hard to take notice of much else, but she fronts an awesome 4-piece band, carved from the Muse/Led Zeppelin school of grinding rock, but turning that sound completely on its head and pushing it through a dystopian filter of electronic screeching and adding hooks most bands would kill for. In the brief time they played, they managed more spine-tingling moments of post-modern rock music than some bands manage in a lifetime. Vuvuvultures have a sound you need to hear, and a dynamic live show to set your head spinning. This will not be topped as my best gig of the year. 


Words: Mark Perkins

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