Voice Explosion

The culmination of a project involving six Sheffield schools is about to come to a head as students prepare to invade the Crucible Theatre.
Students have been working with drama and music practitioners from Sheffield Theatres to create the Voice Explosion project, a performance inspired by the history, or the myth about their local area.
The project works towards achieving Sheffield’s city wide literacy strategy, ESCAL (Every Sheffield Child Articulate and Literate), in a bid to increase the children’s ability to communicate orally, and provide them with a genuine sense of achievement and enjoyment, whilst developing teamwork and performance skills.
The performance will take place at the Crucible Theatre March 25. It will feature poetry readings, music, and other various activities.
It all kicks off in the upper foyer with celebration events at 12.40pm, the main performance will then take place at 1.15pm. 

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