VK Flavour Tour Hits Sheffield

PINK, green and black make up the rainbow of colours British VK fans have selected as front runners to be the new VK product to hit shelves in 2012.
Vk’s colourful new range of drinks goes on public test tomorrow (3rd May) at locations around Sheffield. The exotic new flavours will be labelled X,Y, and Z, and customers will have to guess what’s in each unique blend.
The creator of the best suggestion will have their face on the bottle on launch, a year’s supply of the product, and of course the kudos that goes with  ordering your very own drink next time you're at the bar!
The finished product will be launched as a Limited Edition in 2012 in time for Freshers’ Week. For more, head here.
Fancy a taste of things to come? Try out the new flavours at these times and places tomorrow:
Walkabout, 9:00pm
Cavendish, 7:30pm
Soyo, 10.15pm

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