Van Susans, Matt Bentley, Steph Stephenson – In Session Live 17th February 2013

Banjos! It's Exposed In Session Live (or EiSL as we're unsuccessfully trying to name it) this Sunday 17th Feb!
Three acts, plus a host, culled from the richest seams of indie pop – all for nowt in the delicious surroundings of Sheffield's Forum bar. It is, frankly, the best way to see out the weekend.
This Sunday headliners are the Gaelic Pop Van Susans, whose fiddle-heavy single 'Plans' suggests the likes of Levellers and The Wonder Stuff – but we're fans of 'Cha Cha Bang', which brings in some distinctly American rawk overtones and is a treat. They also rival Sheffield's own Volcanoes in their love of fancy dress. Why not surprise them by turning up dressed as their mums or something? Here's the video. 

Support? There's two and they're both awesome, as well as being a neat switch from Van Susan's riotous singalong choruses. Steph Stephenson is revolutionary in her own way tho – half dustbowl-ey Harry Dean Stanton type, half Eva Cassidy yearning, 'I Know the Story' is lovely…

Matt Bently is a bit of a find. 'More acoustic singer songwriters, Exposed?' You might say, but wait! Matt's songs stretch the format waaaaayyy off into something interesting. He's a little bit like an acoustic Bob Mould and rocks a mean ukelele. 'Something to Find' is a gorgeous thing…

There's more info on the Big Events Live website but it all kicks off at 8pm with Steph, followed by Matt at 9pm and headliners Van Susans at 10pm. Get round early, we'd say.

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