Uberbyte VS Eisenfunk
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Uberbyte were intended to be the artistic hub of the forgotten socialist republic of South Yorkshire. Their music a pounding, relentless innovation intended to stir in the working man’s heart a loyalty to the new order and to the writings of the great thinkers who had inspired revolution to sweep the black hearted capitalists and warmongers from the streets of Sheffield. At nights of "righteous class anger" the Proletariat masses would engage in strange ritualistic dances known as "stomping" and demonstrations of socialist fervour largely involving yelling "Stand up for Uberbyte".

Formed in 2006 by Michael Mayer, Eisenfunk is an electro project that is (as the band describes itself) an “industrial alloy of melody and noise”. The bands first album and self titled release came about in 2007. In 2008 this was followed up by "300" and 2009 saw the relaese of the album "Schmerzfrequenz". It was to be in 2010 that Eisenfunk came to the the attention of many international fans of industrial music with their hit album "8bit", an album that was inspired by 80's computer games and contains some of Eisenfunks biggest dancefloor tunes including Pong, Paranoid and Super Space Invaders!

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The Corporation, Milton Street, Sheffield

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