Two Headed Beast released – games result

Sheffield-based game designer startup Two Headed Beast are looking to save the galaxy with their new, yet classic arcade shooter.
Titled Space Shooter I (or Space Shooter, Aye as we pronounce it here at Exposed Towers) it’s a modern take on Asteroids for the iPhone featuring retina graphics and Gamecenter support. You can watch a gameplay video here and download it here.
Exposed Games Ed writes, “With the emergence of pick up and play gaming on mobiles and downloadable console games there’s been a resurgence in games based on the classic mechanics of Asteroids, Berserk and the like. Space Shooter I rings the changes with some neat twists – including Halo-esque rechargable shields and overpowered weapons – but its heirtage of tried and tested gameplay is what stays with you. An exotic, if dangerous destination for your next bus or train journey!"  

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