True Grit (15)

Taken more from the book by Charles Pontis than the 1969 John Wayne film, True Grit follows the journey of a teenage girl, Mattie (Steinfeld), attempting to track down her father's killer (Brolin), and enlisting the aid of a U.S Marshall (Bridges) to aide her act of vengeance.
Surprisingly for a Coen film, where characters are often cool but cold, and perhaps aided by the producer credit of Spielberg, here all the central protagonists are, dare we say it, loveable!
The precocious Mattie is the thorough embodiment of the title, while Bridges excels as the irascible Rooster Cogburn, reveling in every incoherent drunken slur and wizened glare.
Set in the expansive and desolate American desert, long time Coen cinematographer Roger Deakins gives a soul to the wasteland, in the same way the brothers give life and humour to a host of vivid supporting characters and flawless dialogue, weaving together a rich tapestry which is both unique and utterly genius.
Ali Bianchi

In it
Hailee Steinfeld, Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin

Behind it
Joel and Ethan Coen


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