Troll Hunter (15)

Troll Hunter (15)
Director: Andre Ovredal
Cast: Otto Jesperson, Robert Stoltenberg
Found-footage films seem to be in vogue currently, with the relative success of Paranormal Activity and the visual flair of alt-alien invasion flick, Cloverfield, proving there is mileage in a formula that many thought would end with Blair Witch Project. Into the arena steps Troll Hunter, a Danish oddity charting the discovery of a man who is presumed to be a bear hunter, but who turns out to be hunting something far more Grimm (too tenuous?). Here's a trailer.

As the enigmatic hunter scours the beautifully shot Denmark outlands for the nefarious fairytale beasties, with tongue firmly in cheek, it's difficult to tell if this is meant to be action, comedy, horror or all the above. The odd tone means that while there are moments of clever mock-doc humour and snappy action, there are also long periods of very little happening. Ignore the poster quotes: it certainly isn't a "thrill ride" or "wildly entertaining", but it is different and it is clever, so kudos points for that.
Rating: 3/5
Words by Ali Bianchi. Catch Ali's podcast FilmClash. 

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