Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou: Quality, First, Last, Forever

The Basics
In husband and wife duo Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou’s new realised world, one where they’ve traded in the trilby’s and dinner forks of the big city alluded to in their debut for the straw hats and pitch forks in this, their second album, it’d be no surprise that in this upturned world, even Emma-Lee Moss (Emmy the Great for the unaware) probably wouldn’t disturb them if they were called Hannah Lou Moss. And it’s this dichotomy that splits this second album into two farms.
The Verdict
Opener ‘All Been for Nothing’ sees Hannah Lou’s angelic voice radiate these country sights, the slow picked acoustic guitar gently tractoring along and taking a calm excursion through such hazy surroundings whilst the Jack Johnson-esque ‘Long Way Round’ illuminates the greenery from its grinning sun face along with a quaint lightness in which Mrs Moss infatuatedly begins dreaming about: “Now I’m walking on air/I’m coming on strong/In the long way around.”
The quality doesn’t really last forever as the hay stacks of earnestness are harvested into one dimensionality as soon as you reach the latter half of this jamboree. It’s literally inertia after inertia after inertia of endless fields where the couple’s voices begin to blow off into a dull wind bringing as much excitement as finding a needle in said haystack (‘The Stargazer’s Gutter’, ‘Feel at Ease’). Quality first? Yes. Last? No. Forever? Certainly not.
Alex Yau


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