Tramlines: What's Going On – Films, Soundtracks, Video Wizardry

Tramlines is just three sleeps away! /Excited! 
We understand that you might be looking for something a little different at Tramlines. So to make your weekend even more of a humdinger, we’ve scoured the line-up to bring you the best films, audio visual wizardry and Hitchcock rock the festival has up its sleeve. Feast your beady eyes and swivelling lugs on this set of absolute crackerjacks!

Who: Empty Churches
What: Hitchcockian indie-rock
When: Friday, 10pm
Where: The Cremorne, Greystones Road
Why: These Clash-inspired rockers also do a fine line in gut-churning suspense. And that doesn’t mean they dress up like their mums or keep their front rooms stuffed with dead birds. Ex-Harrisons front man Jubby Taylor has never minced his words, and his downer lyrics ensure that Empty Churches carry on the work Ian Curtis started with Joy Division.

Who: Demdike Stare
What: Horror-soundtrack mashups with live AV
When: Saturday, 10pm
Where: Signals @ Yellow Arch Studio
Why: This pair of Mancunian turntable wizards have plundered music shop racks where other fingers dare to flip vinyl. Their record box consists of all kinds of whacked out horror soundtracks, off-kilter jazz, spleen mulching drone and righteous dub. It could be a car crash, but Demdike Stare manage to craft mind-bending mixes out of stuff DJ Tiesto wouldn’t touch with a fifty-foot barge pole.

Who: DJ Woody
What: Turntables in Technicolor
When: Saturday, 10.30pm
Where: Plug
Why: Two-time world champion scratcher Woody spins the wheels of steel alongside his super dope visuals. He’ll take you on an odyssey of sights and sounds that will make the even the crustiest hippy’s wildest flashback seem like a trip to DFS.

What: Zardoz
When: Sunday, 3pm
Where: Great Gatsby, Division Street
Why: Sean Connery battles against his evil Eternal overloards in this slice of 70’s cult sci-fi craziness. Just don’t watch if you want to keep your lunch down, ‘cos our Sean reveals rather more flesh than is good and proper. James Bond would choke on his Martini olive. It just isn’t cricket, old bean.

What: Gun Crazy
When: Sunday, 5pm
Where: Great Gatsby, Division Street
Why: Get your Bonnie and Clyde on with this classic 1950 flick. Starring Peggy Cummins and John Dall, this tale of a cash-strapped husband and wife going on the crime spree of a lifetime is a film noir belter. Just don’t get any dodgy ideas about boosting that bank balance, yahearme?

What: The General
When: Sunday, 7pm
Where: Great Gatsby, Division Street
Why: One of Buster Keaton’s greatest hits, this piece of silent comedy gold set in the midst of the American Civil War. It sees a Confederate engineer fighting tooth and nail against the odds to win back his beloved locomotive after it is nicked by pesky Yankee spies. Up and at ‘em Buster!

What: Animat re-score Dark Star
When: Sunday, 8pm
Where: Memorial Hall @ City Hall
Why: Downtempo duo Animat fire up their machines to re-score the cult sci-fi classic Dark Star. Mixing original material with some of their favourite tracks from the archives, this duo will be hoping to deliver a performance that lives up to John Carpenter’s original score.

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