Trainspotting – Your Tramlines Tips!

Tramlines! TRAMLINES! We’re about ready to pop with excitement, frankly, but we were just getting our Tramlines suitcase ready (Factor 5k sunblock, Kid Acne tattoo (he winks when we flex our muscles!) and, of course, Wet Nuns Wipes) when we realised we’d almost forgotten the most important thing! Youse!


Exposed are puh-retty busy this weekend  – what with running the daily Tramlines Times newspaper (out Friday, Sat and Sun, readers) and being compelled to coo at every grumpy looking doggie we see along the way – but we’re gonna be stuck without your shouts for the best bands, brass-fixated singer-songwriters and granny-based races to catch over Sheffield’s biggest weekend of the year.


So drop us a line in the comments below (or on Facebook, or using the hashtag #TramlinesTimes on Twitter) with your shouts for Tramlines weekend! Don’t forget to tell us why we need to check out Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts, tho. We’ve already discovered Oh My Word! thanks to a reader tips and can no longer hear our ears.


Tramlines runs from this Friday 19th July to Sunday 21st July.  More info here.


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