Top 5 Noel Fielding And Kasabian Moments

As far as rock 'n' roll alliances go, you can't get much better than this bunch.


With Noel Fielding's surrealist sense of humour, outlandish outfits and general madness, coupled with the musical genius of Kasabian, they've had their fair share of interesting moments. With October's issue of Exposed featuring an Interview with Noel Fielding, and November's cover story being a chat to Kasabian, we thought we'd present our favourite Kasabian/Noel Fielding past-times to tide you over for the next couple of weeks.


1) Serge Pizzorno prank calls Noel Fielding


2) Noel Fielding on stage as Vlad The Impaler for Kasabian’s Glastonbury 2014 set


3) The merging of comedy and music in the form of Loose Tapestries – a musical collaboration between Serge and Noel for comedy sketch show, Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy.


4) This Christmas photoshoot:


5) This rock 'n' roll mash up at the NME Awards, feat. Courtney Love.



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