#Throw Starfish – A New Sheffield Organisation that Wants YOU to Share Inspirational Stories

This month has seen the establishment of #Throw Starfish, an organisation that encourages YOU to share inspirational stories, quotes, pictures and blog posts through social media. 


Sheffield is one of the friendliest cities in the country (according to us), so it’s no wonder that such an organisation has been born here. The concept is simple – if you hear or see any inspirational events, stories, fundraisers etc. taking place, please tweet, share via Facebook as well as other social forums. Just remember to tag #ThrowStarfish with whatever it is that you’re sharing. 


By doing this, all local charitable events will be linked together online, which will help a multitude of causes to gain greater publicity and support. 


The concept was created by Pennie Raven and Jonny Douglas who run the Pecha Kucha Nights in Sheffield, where individuals across all different spectrums present their ideas using only 20 slides whilst only being allowed to have 20 seconds on each slide. 



But what has this got to do with starfish I hear you cry? Well, Raven was influenced by a version of Loren C. Eiseley’s The Unexpected Universe she had heard, where a man sees a woman collecting starfish on a beach, returning each one to the sea. This initially appears as a pointless task, as for each starfish that is saved, there will be many more that will be left.


Raven takes inspiration from the fact that the man still decides to join the woman in her quest, a symbol of how individuals can make a difference, and so she and Douglas have embellished this story around the title of their project. This is possibly the cutest thing ever. 


At the Pecha Kucha night on the 4th July 2013, they challenged their audience to take on the Throw Starfish Challenge, where they set five tasks to be completed. 


Have a gander at their website for more info. 

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