Three tier lunch with The Tiffin Company

Dan Koseoglu's Tiffin Company delivers authentic and original fusion food from around the world in the cutest packages since Kinder Surprise.
Offering world cuisine for the office, corporate and events, a quick hack of his GPS brought Dan direct to Exposed Towers's doorstep the other day where he presented us with a marvellous selection of meals in Tiffins – cute-as-a-button stacking trays from India that are a litle like Chinese Steamer Baskets on stereoids. Here's a video – 

Our six basket package featured three main meals plus accompanyments – including the best damn potatoes I've ever tasted.
First among equals was the Hungarian Porkholt – a traditional Hungarian Pork and Vegetable Stew, seasoned with paprika and served with macaroni and cucumber in white wine vinegar. For the ladies (okay, Roxy from the office), there was a Garlic Sausage Casserole, featuring well judged use of fennel – and we had a vegetarian option to with a outrageously moreish spinach and sweet potato curry with jewlled rice. 
Dan's got some exciting plans for the future so the chat was as good as the food. Visit The Tiffin Company website for more information. 

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