Thou Shalt Rock On The Sabbath

It's seven pm, the air is rank with the smell of tobacco and there is more leather on show than a DFS sale…
Sheffield City Hall on 14th January 1971. Sweating hordes of rock aficionados are tightly packed in to the venue, eagerly anticipating something, someone.
A hush gathers, a 23 year old Ozzy Osbourne enters the stage with Tony Lommi, Geezer Buttler and Billy Ward. A heavy guitar riff stomps through the momentary quiet, followed by upbeat drumming, handclaps ensue from the crowd and Ozzy takes to the mic…
“Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses, evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerers of death’s contruction…”

Black Sabbath play through a set dedicated to their recently released album ‘Paranoid’, which would go on to top the UK charts. The crowd present were one of the first to hear a live rendition of legendary rock anthem ‘Iron Man’. Ozzie growls an inaudible farewell, and with that they are gone. The people of Sheffield went to bed that night nursing perforated eardrums and dreaming of Iron Men and War Pigs.
On Saturday 14th December 2013, the heavy metal clocks will be rolled back 42 years. Black Sabbath have risen again and they have chosen Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena as one of the venues for their 2013 comeback tour. The band will be playing tracks from their new studio album '13' (exact release  date TBC) as well as some of their classic hits. The album marks their first completed studio recording since 1978's 'Never Say Die. Take a peek at the new album artwork here. 
Tickets will go on general sale at 9am on Friday 12th April and will be available from here. 

Certainly not one to be missed, don't forget your leather jackets and studded wrist bands, just leave your pet bat at home!  

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