Thomas Truax @ the Great Gatsby

If you've ever seen a picture of US-born, UK living singer songwriter Thomas Truax he was no doubt be standing with one of his incredible homemade musical instruments.
He brought them all with him tonight.  Upstairs at the Great Gatsby was filled with the devotees who come out to see him whenever he shows up in Sheffield, and they all knew what to expect from the mercurial troubadour that is Thomas Truax. 

The real delight for me though was watching those few who’d never seen him before, as they marvelled at the sheer invention – quite literally – of the show.  He sings to the moon, which a little projector on his guitar conveniently projects onto the ceiling.  He fiddles and manipulates the contraption known as Mother Superior until it becomes the rhythm section to his guitar and vocals.  He sings into the Hornicator, plays odd little melodies and then combines and loops them into songs.  In short, there’s no-one like him. 

One of his albums features covers of David Lynch music, fully authorised by the man himself, and the colliding of these two worlds seems totally apt.  Truax and Lynch both have their own unique take on our world, which they seem to reflect back at us to create something we’ve never seen before… A must see.

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