‘This is England’ Charity Screening

Film Stars are set to attend BFFS charity screening of ‘This is England’ at the University of Sheffield.


Original stars of ‘This is England’ Thomas Turgoose, who played young and wayward youngster Shaun and Andrew Shim, better known as Milky, are coming to Sheffield! On Tuesday 1st April a one off charity screening of the British blockbuster will grace the screens at Film Unit at the University of Sheffield, all in the name of charity.


The British Federation of Film Societies is set to host the event. Established in 1946 and based in Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter, the BFFS have locally supported film societies and community cinemas such as: Magic Lantern Film, Handmade Cinema and Sharrow Reels. Collaborating with Warp Films, the event is sure to be a winner, with a number of prizes on offer including a deluxe 206 page behind the scenes book and a 10 disc boxset, donated by Warp Films.


The event will also feature a short film from the Warp Film archive and a Q+A session with BFFS patron and head of Warp Films Mark Herbert along with a number of special quests.


To get your hands on tickets for the event click here.

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