They Should Get Out More

Punt & Dennis are back!
They’re best known for their radio work, on BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show, and BBC Radio 2’s It’s Been a Bad Week. Evidently Radio 4 (and its listeners) loved their wise cracks, because their radio sitcom The Party Line, ran for three years on the station.
If you’re an Outnumbered fan, you’ll recognise Peter ‘Hugh’ Dennis as the overwrought patriarch of the Brockman clan, and he’s also a regular on enormously successful TV show Mock the Week.
Over their three year break his partner in crime, Steve Punt, has been busy honing his skills as a writer, script writer and voice-over artist.
The two were a storming success two decades ago as part of the Mary Whitehouse Experience, and they’re back as a stage duo touring the nation with their They Should Get Out More act.
Their characteristically ‘acute satire’ and ‘penchant for the absurd’ makes for typically British humour.
In their own words “The sat-nav is programmed, there’s a box of sandwiches and a flask of tea in the back, and props and costumes in the boot. 
“We’re ready to rock!  We’re gonna tear this place apart!!  (Well, actually, we’re not, obviously. We’re going to do some jokes.)”
Sound like your cuppa? Either pop by the Box Office at Barkers Pool, log onto www.sheffieldcityhall.co.uk or dial (01142 789 789) to purchase your tickets.
An evening of laughs on February 12 with Punt & Dennis will set you back £20 (£18 for all lucky enough to qualify as concessions).

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