The Temper Trap – The Temper Trap LP

The Basics
It’s the Aussie indie group’s second LP and one they’ll be delighted with if it’s even half as successful as their 2009 debut, Conditions. That album was carried by the beautiful ‘Sweet Disposition’, which spent 6 months in the UK Charts, and has since sound-tracked many a heart-wrenching post-breakup scene (probably in Skins). They’ve their own big shoes to fill then, but will be aided by new fifth member, Joseph Greer, on keyboards and guitar.
The Verdict
Greer’s keys feature heavily on the opening two tracks, the anthemic ‘Need Your Love’ and the angsty ‘London’s Burning’ (you'll never guess the subject matter). The latter goes all postmodern on us, incorporating quotes from news stories and the occassional soundbite from a certain David Cameron; that alone is enough to make your blood boil.  ‘Trembling Hands’ sees the band going for the lonely balladeer approach, but with Dougi Mandagi failing to sound convinced by his own lyrics. ‘Rabbit Hole’ is the best song on here –  a captivating acoustic ballad that explodes into life – but too often the band appear to be pandering to the public perception of their sound, rather than really stretching themselves; then again, Coldplay have made a career out of that approach.

Words by Lewis Parker

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